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Our Projects



A modern Gaushala and research center based on “Panch Gavya” and indigenous cow milk will be set up to develop products to provide nutrition as well healing through milk and other products. There will be a breed improvement program for all 36 indigenous cow breeds, available in India by adopting ancient methods and selection procedure for producing healthy and best milk yielding breeds to provide high quality to be provided to the farmers associated with the DNWF to support them for their sustainable cow based agriculture, high quality A2 Milk with positive energy through Gau Mata. This Centre will also develop effective bio-agents including insecticides, pesticides and bio-fertilizers. Approximate cost of the project Rs:500 Million


Twenty five one bed room independent cottage, well-appointed with all modern amenities with ethnic and ancient protocols for loving, fully charged due to inward cosmic energy convergence and surrounded by selected plants which are required for day to day healing and having harmony with the human being for better synergy between man and micro- ecosystem of the Nikunj Van Kutiya . Approximate cost of the project Rs:50 Million


Twenty five healing rooms having all facilities for healing through alternate medicine systems and common infrastructure to support the 25 occupants Approximate cost of the project Rs :35 Million


A facility to produce Vedic Masters to carry the Indian flag ahead will be set up to produce 50 masters every year .This facility will be having all the facilities to impart ancient knowledge ,culture and value system with a blend of modern science. This facility will have twelve class rooms, labs, conference rooms, faculty hall, common rooms ,library , student’s lockers and dormitory for resting during lunch break. Approximate cost of the project Rs.30 Million


 Shri Samshti Maa Mandir for praying for welfare of all the creatures of the Universe Approximate cost of the project Rs: 25 Million


The International Learning Centre having the various dimensions of divine science having various specialized discipline like Yantra Science, Mantra Science, Astrology, Yagya Vigyan, Cosmic Energy Management etc.The University will have a dedicated 50 Acres of campus having all in-house facilities for students and staff and all required pre-requisites for a International world class University of ultimate learning of the knowledge as well as “self ”. Approximate cost of the project: Rs 1000 Million

All Wellness Research Centre :

 A ten acres well-appointed restricted area for Research and Development Centre having all modern facilities, dedicated for special research , development and testing the affect and impact of Yantras, Mantras and various divine tools related for human welfare, disease management , human as well as agriculture , environment , plant and soil health management. This Centre will have the facility will be having the residential area for Divine Mother Dharm Diksha and her close associates. Approximate cost of the project: Rs 50 Million


The most modern facilities for research, development of innovation and technologies with a aim to create , test and disseminate to the beneficiaries for adopting and spreading it for the welfare of the people. This Centre will develop super foods and personal care products, as described in our ancient literature by our Rishis .The special training will also be provided to the people so that they can further train people to cook healthy foods which is hygienic, healing and nourishing .Similarly, all the personal care products will be developed by using natural ingredients and constituents . Approximate cost of the project: Rs 100 Million

DHYAN MANDIR Urdhvaa (Urdhwagaman) :

 Three Dhyan Mandir with a Capacity of 25 , 100,500 and 1000 persons will be developed for mass meditation and healing .A beautifully landscaped area with independent halls with noise barriers and other latest technologies for voice and command management and broadcasting. Approximate cost of the project : Rs 50 Million


A most modern 180 Feet Tall tower equipped with latest scientific tools and technologies with a blend of divine support systems from the Existence for transmitting the cosmic energy to the world for healing and saving humanity. Approximate cost of the project : Rs 2.30 Million


To evaluate the status of a person coming for healing with latest modern technologies to understand the pre-healing and post healing status and changes in the system to document and explain it in logical and scientific manner to develop better understanding and adoptability of the divine healing systems. This Centre will also support the research and development activities to test the efficacy of yantra, mantras and other divine options for healing. Approximate cost of the project Rs 25 Million
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